The following are some frequently asked questions.

How Often Will I Earn Rewards?

stFLIP uses a continous rebase mechanism that allows holders to receive rewards every block.

How Long Does It Take To Recieve My stFLIP After Staking?

Stakers receive their stFLIP immediately after their FLIP transaction has confirmed.

What Are the Contract Addresses of Both FLIP and stFLIP?

Both tokens are on ETH mainnet:

  • FLIP: 0x826180541412D574cf1336d22c0C0a287822678A

  • stFLIP: 0x961D4921e1718E633BAC8Ded88c4a1cAe44b785a

Why is stFLIP Trading At a Different Price to Native FLIP?

Since stFLIP is backed by staked assets, it can take a few hours to redeem. This means that the underlying is illiquid, which can cause a discount to the native price.

Sometimes stFLIP will be at a premium to native FLIP, this is because there may be lots of demand for stFLIP at that current moment.

In both cases, arbitrageurs will bring the price back to parity, and you are always able to redeem stFLIP to native FLIP 1:1 via unstaking.

Is There a Minimum Amount of FLIP Needed to Stake?

There is no minimum. Users can stake any amount of FLIP into stFLIP.

Can I Transfer my stFLIP?

Yes. You can transfer your stFLIP to any ERC-20 supported wallet. Please understand that we have zero capability to access your wallet, or any wallet you send funds to. We do not and cannot help you with an incorrect transfer nor any retrieval of funds.

What is the Fee For Using This Service?

Thunderhead charges a percentage of the protocol rewards (22%). The rest of the protocol rewards go directly to stFLIP stakers.

What Are The Expected Rewards?

The protocol rewards generated from the underlying validators are subject to change, these go to stFLIP holders minus a fee.

How Long Does It Take To Recieve My stFLIP After Unstaking?

If native FLIP behind the stFLIP needs to be unstaked the maximum waiting time for an stFLIP unstake to become available is between 3 - 5 days. There is an unstake aggregator option built in allowing for the option to instant untake from available liquidity sources.

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