đŸŽŦOperator Onboarding

This page details the process for onboarding additional node operators.


StakedFLIP is working towards a distributed validator set which will ensure maximal resilience and performance for both stFLIP stakers and the Chainflip network as a whole. Operators should be selected based upon technical talent, reliability, and community contribution; however, stFLIP stakers are the ultimate decision makers.

Governance Process

  1. A post will made to the forum outlining the background of the potential operator(s). Users should post their opinion on the operator. A temperature check vote will also be posted to Snapshot. This is not an onchain vote thus it does not require gas. The purpose is to understand user's perspectives if they do not want to spend the time to write a response. This step ensures that both holders and the operators are aligned off-chain to avoid wasting gas on a costly onchain vote.

    1. The operator will sign and post their manager address responsible for adding validators and claiming fees, as well as the signed operator ToS.

  2. After rough consensus has been reached, the governance multi-sig will create a proposal to invoke the addOperator function on the Output contract. The calldata will include the operator's name, number of allocated validators, and the reward fee. This will initiate an onchain vote.

  3. Users can interact with the contract directly via castVote (on etherscan or elsewhere) or they can use the governance frontend.

  4. The operator will invoke addValidators on the Output contract.

  5. Users should confirm that the redemption and executor addresses have been bound to the Output contract. This ensures all rewards and deposits can only go back to stFLIP holders.

  6. This governance process will repeat, but with the setValidatorsStatus function which will allowlist the validators to be staked to

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